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Old 19.08.2012, 03:47
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Default what java version is best for jdownloader?

hi i am wondering what the best current version of java 6 is for best results using jdownloader?

i think i was using java 6 update 20 and never had a problem

this week with update 26 the jdownloader link list and entire program would just dissappear during downloading at random times

so i did a system restore...then uninstalled and reinstalled jdownloader, ran a full scan with malwarebytes which resulted in no problems, and was able to download problem free for a full 24 hours, but now the jdownloader program is dissappering again during downloads

and i had an exclamation mark '!' icon on the reconnection icon, next to the check for updates icon at top of screen, but that '!' is no longer there after a restart

so i now have updated to java 6 update 32 and will see how that goes

i run windows xp sp3 and never had any problems with jdownloader after years of using it until this week

i know that java 7 is not yet recommended for using jdownloader but what is the best java 6 update to use currently? 32? 33? or the new 34?

is it always best to update to the newest java 6 update or not necessarily? maybe an update like 20 could be better than the newer updates of java 6?

if you could please link me to the current best java version for using jdownloader that would be very helpful as i found it difficult finding older versions, which may possibly be better for using jdownloader than newer updates of java 6

also what would be handy would be if there was a constant headline which really stands out at this site to state what jdownloader recommends as the best current version of java to use for best results of using jdownloader with a link to that update

would anyone know what would cause jdownloader to suddenly dissappear off screen so that you have to double click the icon again to start it up again? could leaving your laptop on too long without a restart cause this? is there a fix for the jdownloader program shutting down and just dissappearing off screen whilst downloads and in progress?

one last thing...what is the best way to update jdownloader? clicking the look for new updates icon at top...or going to jdownloader folder and double clicking the jdupdate.jar executable jar file?

when approx is the new jdownloader available? (is it called jdownloader2 ?)

sorry for so many questions, but ive never had a problem with using jdownloader until now

if anyone can help with anything i have said it would be greatly appreciated, thanks very much

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Old 20.08.2012, 02:38
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has anyone else had unusual random shutdown of jdownloader during a download session recently?

i am trying to work out what could cause this...either its the particular update of java 6 im using - or something in my reconnect settings or other jdownloader settings that is not correct which relates to jdownloader timing out or being unstable to cause a shutdown - or its a virus problem, or has something to do with the Giant Savings app(which comes with the install of jdownloader) being deleted by my malwarebytes scan - can this app removal cause poor performance of jdownloader

to jdownloader staff - can you please confirm or not if deleting the Giant Savings app can cause jdownloader problems that would be great, and also why is Giant Savings automatically installed during jdownloader install wether people want it or not as it cant be unchecked

if anyone else has had any similar problems to me or has any possible theories or advice as to why jdownloader would shutdown randomly during a download session please let me know

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Old 20.08.2012, 12:42
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For old Stable (JDownloader 09581) we suggest to use 1.6 because it's not fully 1.7 compatible (issues with https and other stuff).
Our upcomming JD2 is fully 1.7 compatible and you can use whatever version you want.

random shutdown = do you have hs_err files in your JD folder, then please upload then and open new bugreport in forum
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Old 20.08.2012, 16:04
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thanks for the info, i updated to java 6 update 33

i will create a new thread in the bugreport forum relating to proper installation of java 6, deletion of older java 6 updates, proper installation of jdownloader, and the issues i have been experiencing over the last week regarding random shutdown during jdownloader download session with java runtime errors for file C [msvcrt.dll+0x372e3]

also i wanted to say a big thanks for your assistance, and cheers for jdownloader - i have used it so successfully for such a long time, it makes downloading so much easier
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