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Old 02.09.2013, 03:32
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Lightbulb Undo Option.

if possible please add an Undo Option. really need a undo option to reverse deleteing/moving ect.
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Old 02.09.2013, 03:37
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Please read this issue: http://svn.jdownloader.org/issues/1579
and the related issues.
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Old 02.09.2013, 04:25
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JD2 allows for files deleted within the program to be sent to the recycle bin or bypass (with shift key or context menu) to be deleted without recycle bin.

As for undo we wont be having that feature in the near future or most likely ever. Dialog prompts prevent accidental deleting of content, if you agree to that then it's your mistake. We are hoping to create a db of files downloaded effectively create a feature that allows for effective dupe checking without the need to contain links within download tab or same save location indefinitely.

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Old 04.09.2013, 16:03
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As for undo we wont be having that feature in the near future or most likely ever. Dialog prompts prevent accidental deleting of content, if you agree to that then it's your mistake.
well that's pretty conclusive. ya I know about the file recycle bin issue. but I was talking about deleting download links. I know its users mistake. hence the need for undo. any how, since the dev's are going into a different direction its their call.
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Old 26.10.2014, 02:12
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I would also like to put in my pleas for an undo option. Like Navi, when you accidently delete a set of download links it can be a very distressing moment. Because the fileshare sites mostly have daily limits, I need to package my DLs into sets that can be handled once a day. There can be many more packages queued and disabled, just waiting to be re-enabled the next day or the next. Accidently deleting these is a major pain.

The link above says "When links are deleted, they should be appended to a text file. The line should contain the link (see below for encrypted links), the status, and the password. It should be formatted in a way that the Linkgrabber can interpret if a user copies a line." But I cannot find such a file. Could you help by pointing to it on a Win7 system please?

PLEASE reconsider your stance and install an undo option for the last deleted item (mostly about links, not DL'ed files - which are easy to find in the bin). Obviously this request is a low priority compared to your time and efforts invested in maintaining all those plugins! But it would be sooo useful.
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Old 26.10.2014, 15:28
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Ticket is there, please just wait.

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That's true James
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