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Most Important Posting Rules

A lot of users are reporting bugs without searching first or providing the information required. The most important rules are to post in the correct forum and to report as much information as possible about a problem. If you do not supply enough information or you supply it in the wrong place, it can take a long time before your problem is solved.

For common, problems there is a Self Help Index. The Wiki also contains a knowledge base that you should search.

Before posting a question, search the forum for keywords. Adding to the end of a thread will usually get you a faster answer than starting a new thread.

Here are some of the things that you should know:

1) Forum Specific Rules -- Be informed

Each forum has a rules thread that contains important information. It helps everybody when you follow the rules, but it is just as important that you get the information.

2) Search Before Posting

It is important that you search for a related discussion and read the thread. Add to the thread if you still have a question. If the thread is huge, then the first item will usually contain a summary. Read at least the first entry and the last few entries.
2a) If you post a question or problem that is solved elsewhere, your post may be marked Solved, without any explanation or it might be moved to the other thread without notice.

3) One Bug or Suggestion per message

If you have more than one bug or suggestion, make sure to use separate messages. This is an exception to the double posting rule.
3a) Double Posting Rule: If you are posting two related messages in a row, the second message should be edited into the first. You may separate them with blank lines, the date, or a line of dashes.
3b) Responding to Posts
If the post you are responding to is not the last, address your response as @Greatposter,. You can respond to many posts in one message this way.

4) Captchas versus reCaptcha

Many web sites challenge you with a Captcha puzzle to prove that you are human. JDownloader can solve some of these for you. If the puzzle changes, JDownloader will no longer solve it. Any new Captcha solutions will be distributed only with major revisions.
4a) reCaptcha is a type of puzzle that JDownloader does not try to solve. This appears as a two word challenge and is found on sites such as Hotfile and Fileserve. Do not ask for a solution to reCaptcha. Any discussion of reCaptcha should be in The reCaptcha thread.

5) How do I know what Forum to use?

5a) Captchas: If you have a question, suggestion, or bug for other Host Captchas, please report them in the Captcha Recognition Thread in Hoster Plugins.
5b) Hosts: Any problems with the interface (plugin) to a Host should be in the Hoster Plugins Forum. Always search for an existing thread for a host and use it if you can. Several hosts have "Sticky" threads at the top of the Forum.
5c) Decrypters: If you have a question, suggestion, or bug for a decrypter (converts a short link to a Host link), please report them in Decrypter Plugins.
5d) Suggestions: If you have a suggestion for a new feature for JDownloader, please write in the Suggestions and Wishes forum. Suggestions of new hosts or decrypters also go in this forum.
5e) What is General Discussion? If a problem is specific, please do not post it in General Discussion, because it is less likely to be answered. This forum is for general questions and tutorials.
5f) Wrong forum: If you post in the wrong place, your post might be moved without notice. The staff tries to leave a note about what has been done.

6) How do I report a problem?

6a) Provide Links and a Log: Whenever you are having problems that could be a JDownloader problem, please provide several sample links and upload a log.
6b) Java Errors: If JDownloader does not start (because of a Java error), please attach the file(s) hs_err_*.log (from your JDownloader folder) to your message (you might have to compress the log(s) into a RAR archive).
6c) If no log is available: If JDownloader crashes (in which case, you cannot upload a log) please use the approach described in Posting an Emergency Log.
6d) Update failure: If JDownloader cannot start after an update please post a message in General Bugreport. Attach the restarter.log file (from the JDownloader directory).
6e) Reconnection - don't worry: If you are having trouble with the Automatic New IP (Reconnection) feature, report it in the Reconnect forum. Reconnection is an advanced and optional feature that involves software, hardware, and your ISP, so many problems cannot be solved. Read Getting Started with Reconnection before posting.

7) What information will help solve the problem?

When you report a problem or have a technical question about JDownloader, please include as much useful information as you can about the problem and your computer.
7a) Sample Links: Whenever possible post multiple sample links. The links must work in a browser, but not work correctly in JDownloader.
7b) Upload a detailed log: Whenever possible upload a JDownloader log of JDownloader using those links. Do not post just a piece of a log.
7c) Details, details, details: Always describe the problem or suggestion in detail.
7d) Other programs: List the names and versions of all programs that are running with JDownloader, including your OS, antivirus and firewall. ----- If you are using an integrated security suite, uninstall it, restart your computer and test again before asking for help. More antivirus and firewall information is available here.
7e) Report version numbers: Always list the Java runtime version and the JDownloader version. The About command in the "?" menu helps with this.
7f) Host plugin version: When reporting a problem with JDownloader working on a Host, report the version of the Host Plugin from the Settings -> Host page of JDownloader.
7g) What are your settings? What settings in JDownloader have you changed from the defaults (for example Max.Con.).
7h) Email your login: If your are using a premium (paid) account, email your login-details (host, username, and password) and the URL of your message to support@jdownloader.org. Do not post your login details in the forum.
7i) Special Scripts: If you are starting JDownloader from a command line or script, include the command line or script in your message.

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please let this thread open so others can comment and you can integrate the others changes into the mainpost and delete their posts then.
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The only remarks I have at this moment :-

a) It's very well written and complete, according to my experience.

b) It's a long text and it probably needs some "air" (empty lines).

c) It might be easier to digest for new customers when you use rules like "situation -> skip to/read this". Your text would be reduced to some headers with pointers. Those pointers could point to other posts where more detailed info is provided.

I used that approach in the French forum F.A.Q. but I admit that the French forum is much easier to deal with because there's only one forum to choose from.
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good to see this brought to light again for both old and new.

If I may offer another suggestion which is used on another board I go to often, is to make this and other such important reminders, to make them as stickies that will always show up at the top of each forum and on the top of each Language forum. I believe this would be known in most board software as a Global Sticky. This should help as reminders to all when they are trying to remember what goes where and what to read for such as mentioned by drbits.

I do also agree with remi to use whenever possible such as [when you use rules like "situation -> skip to/read this"] to shorten things up for readability.

Most users will not read a long post even when it comes to rules as they often think most rules from board to board are the same. some are yes but many have specific rules that tend to get missed due to too much to read etc.

Over all though as said it is good to see you bring this up to the surface for review and reminders to all
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I have tried to follow your suggestions. Please provide more comments.

Thank you for your help

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Very well done. This is much more readable.

I hope some of it can serve as a basis for the support processes in jD's support centre.
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Parts of this will probably be added to the FAQ. When we have a working FAQ that is consistent with the program, the Self Help Index and similar material will be incorporated into it in the Wiki.

It would be nice if we could have a Global Etiquette post, but I have been told No when I have asked about doing that in the forum. We can do that in the Wiki.

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