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Old 03.04.2014, 05:12
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Default Explanation of the problem

1) I have always recommended increasing the Number of Simultaneous Downloads per Host instead of chunked (multi-stream) downloads. See the JD (not JD2) troubleshooting information.

2) It is difficult to correctly resume a multi-chunk download. JD cannot always know exactly where each chunk ended, so it has to begin re-downloading at the end of the last successful full packet for each chunk. There might be a bug in JD here.

3) Multiple chunks increase the number of packets per second, increasing the chance of problems with the host. This is especially true when the host is overloaded or you are using a proxy server.

Often, hosts will cut you off for a few minutes if the firewall on the host indicates that you are flooding it with requests. If you use a proxy server, the host thinks that all of the requests from a single IP address are you, so you can get cut off quickly.

If you download too fast from a premium host, it is supposed to throttle you (take more time between packets). JDownloader may display "Temporarily unavailable" when a host times-out. If you are downloading with chunks, if a packet is late from any of the chunks, it will cause an error.

4) The error message normally means that the host has decided that you have hit your download limit. Most premium hosts say you are unlimited, but limit you to a certain amount of bytes per hour or per day (often 20GiB/day). If the host doesn't return the correct code for this situation, JD displays "Temporarily unavailable".

5) When downloading multiple files simultaneously, the host will delay starting a download if it is overloaded.

6) It is considered proper etiquette to limit Max Chunks to 4, although some hosts will allow you to go much higher. If you are downloading multiple files simultaneously from a host, it is good etiquette to limit Max Chunks times Max Simultaneous Files to 8 (you will probably get errors above 32).

7) When you have any problem, please submit a log with the problem. If you are having a problem with a premium account, please e-mail your login ID and password for the account to support (at) jdownloader.org

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