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Old 24.10.2014, 04:12
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Default Problems with easybytez.com (JD2)

Hi, i have some problems with easybytez in JD2: whenever i try to download from my (free) registered account, i get a "You've reached the download session limit" error, and then a 60 minutes countdown starts.

Now, i've made a few tests and found out that after 20 minutes i am able to download again, because the countdown of easybytez has reached 0, and if i stop and restart the download in jdownloader it works.

JD 0.9 was working fine this morning, giving me only 30 minutes of wait time between a file and another, then it started showing me the session limit error. That's when i switched to JD2.

I don't understand why jdownloader thinks my download quota is full or whatever and makes me wait, but as a workaround is there a way to reduce the wait time from 60 to 20 minutes? I tried playing around with the advanced settings in "GeneralSettings: Account Temporarily Disabled Default Timeout", but with no luck.

Here's the log file i generated
24.10.14 03.02.35to24.10.14 03.02.42 jdlog://7897373693141/

thanks for the help
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Old 24.10.2014, 04:24
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quick look at your logs, JD hits download limit with your free account, then tries free non account which then easybytez indicates limit reached.

free account,
<br><div class="err">You have to wait 6 minutes, 17 seconds till next download<br><br>Download files instantly with <a href='**External links are only visible to Support Staff**>Premium-account</a></div>
--ID:92TS:1414112572110-10/24/14 3:02:52 AM -  [jd.plugins.hoster.EasyBytezCom(checkErrors)] -> Detected waittime #2, waiting 377000milliseconds
--ID:92TS:1414112572110-10/24/14 3:02:52 AM -  [jd.controlling.downloadcontroller.SingleDownloadController(download)] -> Exception: 
--ID:92TS:1414112572110-10/24/14 3:02:52 AM -  [] -> jd.plugins.PluginException
	at jd.plugins.hoster.EasyBytezCom.checkErrors(EasyBytezCom.java:671)
	at jd.plugins.hoster.EasyBytezCom.doFree(EasyBytezCom.java:412)
	at jd.plugins.hoster.EasyBytezCom.handlePremium(EasyBytezCom.java:952)
	at jd.plugins.PluginForHost.handle(PluginForHost.java:815)
	at jd.controlling.downloadcontroller.SingleDownloadController.download(SingleDownloadController.java:378)
	at jd.controlling.downloadcontroller.SingleDownloadController.run(SingleDownloadController.java:508)

free non account
<br><div class="err">You have reached the download-limit: 600 Mb for last 1 days</div>
--ID:97TS:1414112572975-10/24/14 3:02:52 AM -  [jd.controlling.downloadcontroller.SingleDownloadController(download)] -> Exception: 
--ID:97TS:1414112572975-10/24/14 3:02:52 AM -  [] -> jd.plugins.PluginException: You've reached the download session limit!
	at jd.plugins.hoster.EasyBytezCom.checkErrors(EasyBytezCom.java:631)
	at jd.plugins.hoster.EasyBytezCom.doFree(EasyBytezCom.java:412)
	at jd.plugins.hoster.EasyBytezCom.handleFree(EasyBytezCom.java:1358)
	at jd.plugins.PluginForHost.handle(PluginForHost.java:821)
	at jd.controlling.downloadcontroller.SingleDownloadController.download(SingleDownloadController.java:378)
	at jd.controlling.downloadcontroller.SingleDownloadController.run(SingleDownloadController.java:508)
the above error handling has 1 hour wait, specified in the plugin source.

each version of JD shares the same plugin, the only differences are how the core deals with errors. JD2 design is to switch to the next available download candidate and tries with that.

core should detect which is the least wait time and show that. If it doesn't Jiaz needs to look at that and fix.

raztoki @ jDownloader reporter/developer

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