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Old 08.09.2010, 20:51
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Default JDownloader icon set meanings.


Could someone direct me to an explanation of the JDownloader icon set and other changeable graphics, as to what each does and when it is "active" or not. As an example, the red check mark that appears probably means the function is "on". I'm not sure (maybe it's a cultural quirk, could mean it's finished).

As a suggestion for the interface: Although I'm not new at this (above question non-withstanding) others are and can find the interface lacking in explanation. For instance, you might show instead of or in addition to or even within, the speed "graph", if the utility is connected and it's a green light downloading. Other functions could also use more graphic explanations (well, maybe graphical). Most who use this program and will in the future are not head down coders.

Thank you for letting me use your utility. Cheers!

Washington DC

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Old 09.09.2010, 10:49
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I know only a few icons in the Human Machine Interface (HMI) of jD.

Toolbar buttons : just hover with your mouse over an icon and you know what each button does.

Options can be checked or ticked. That means they're enabled or switched "on".

Icons in the Status column :-

- green circle with V : download completed
- "Do not enter" road sign : download failed
- priority signs (see Priority menu)
- red dot : indicates where the downloading will stop

Icons in the Host column :-

- 2 blue circular arrows : download can be resumed
- yellow key : account linked to this host

I'm probably missing a few, but I leave those to other specialists.

I agree with you that HMI explanations are missing. The help text provided by Ctrl-shift-clicking on a label in the settings panel is almost always empty. There are plans to remove that useful help system altogether.
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