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Old 07.11.2020, 20:49
pippo69 pippo69 is offline
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Unhappy backup database in too short interval

Since few days JD2 creates backup database files in a too short interval:
on MacOX:
6.2M Nov 7 19:11 downloadList19831.zip
6.2M Nov 7 19:15 downloadList19832.zip
6.2M Nov 7 19:20 downloadList19833.zip
6.2M Nov 7 19:24 downloadList19834.zip
6.2M Nov 7 19:25 downloadList19835.zip
6.2M Nov 7 20:39 downloadList19836.zip
14K Nov 7 17:31 linkcollector5133.zip
14K Nov 7 17:31 linkcollector5134.zip
216B Nov 7 17:31 linkcollector5135.zip
1.1K Nov 7 19:10 linkcollector5136.zip
216B Nov 7 19:11 linkcollector5137.zip
216B Nov 7 20:39 linkcollector5138.zip

on a linux host:
179M Nov 7 20:37 downloadList229873.zip
179M Nov 7 20:37 downloadList229874.zip
179M Nov 7 20:38 downloadList229875.zip
179M Nov 7 20:41 downloadList229876.zip
179M Nov 7 20:42 downloadList229877.zip
179M Nov 7 20:46 downloadList229878.zip
215 Nov 7 19:00 linkcollector29574.zip
82K Nov 7 19:43 linkcollector29575.zip
94K Nov 7 19:43 linkcollector29576.zip
94K Nov 7 19:44 linkcollector29577.zip
94K Nov 7 19:44 linkcollector29578.zip
215 Nov 7 19:45 linkcollector29579.zip
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Old 08.11.2020, 02:54
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Just remember that these are not backups, it uses a function called copy on write, so it saves a new list instead of overwriting existing, JD then removes older lists after time or maybe x lists present (one of the two). Saving a new list is based on activity, as in without activity there is no need to save.

I don't believe anything has changed, respective settings to look at

settings > advanced settings > filter: save delay.
raztoki @ jDownloader reporter/developer

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Old 08.11.2020, 11:15
pippo69 pippo69 is offline
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Question save copy of activity

it well may be, but it does not seems to stop, I am removing files all the time.
The 'Minimum save delay' is set to 5000 (if this is seconds, you see that there is something strange) I am seeing a new file each minute or so...

I do not see a setting for max-save-database-copy.
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Old 09.11.2020, 10:17
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Nothing has changed. JDownloader uses CopyOnWrite (create new file, delete oldest/older files)
JDownloader will wait minimum (in ms)
and maximum (in ms)
to save current list to disk. Default is wait minimum 5 secs after last change and max 60 secs.

You can change the number of kept files via
GeneralSettings.keepxoldlists (default 5)
JD-Dev & Server-Admin
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