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Old 29.05.2019, 14:34
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Default Context sensitive grouping.

First time around here, and I want to say thank you very much for this excelent program.

Now. I'm having some frustration with package grouping, specifically with BandCamp and YouTube.

The YouTube plugin does allow naming packages after the playlist, that's true, but using that implies solving something by breaking something else. Let me explain:
If I add a playlist URL (not a video url with an additional playlist ID), I want all the videos contained in the playlist to be added to a package named after the playlist (and possibly the creator of the playlist). But if I set JD to name packages that way, then single video URLs get simply added to the "Various Files" folder. If I try to solve that by adding the video name in the formatting string too, then packages are named after both, pretty much defeating the purpose of naming after the playlist, since each individual video ends up in a separate package anyway.
I guess I can get arround that manually after the fact, but if I were able to define separate grouping behaviors for playlist URLs and individual video URLs, that would be ideal.

Basically, I think there would be a need for two things: First, a way to define package and file naming differently depending on the incoming URL type, differentiating between individual videos, playlists/channels, and individual videos within a playlist (but I'm not really interested in those, as, if I want the whole playlist, then I prefer to use the playlist URL instead. I always enable the option to ignore playlist IDs in video URLs. Thanks for that one ). Second, the naming of the package and the files for each case should be separately configurable, having variables for video name, uploader name, playlist creator name, and the rest of the usual stuff. A "playlist order" field, if possible, would also be a nice addition

As a last note, I would also like to ask if it is possible at all to retrieve ContendID information from YT videos and put it in a text file, like with video descriptions.


Now, regarding BandCamp, the problem seems to be simpler: Single track albums end up in "Various Files" instead of getting an album package. Can something be done about that?
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