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Old 29.05.2016, 02:05
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Originally Posted by coalado View Post
How do you know? Itag 22 for v=tx6NoKu4cI0 has a 192kbits
ID 22 is the non-dash stream and so with video muxed already.
DASH Streams (ID 140 in case of AAC, or ID 251 in case of Opus) are both 128 kbit only.

We consider more than the pure quality. e.g. compatibility. "best mainstream/HW Player compatible" would be a better name, but we have to keep JD simple and accessable. Mywomanwould not know what "best mainstream/HW Player compatible" means.
But "best quality" the user expects to get the best quality. The button is still a liar. Especially if I'm not an experienced user and want the best quality - because the button says so, I would be disappointed if its not that what actually happened.
If I wouldnt know about VP9 or in general about youtube knowledge I couldnt know that it actually doesnt pick the best quality.
And on the other hand there should be a checkmark which follows this job so that I dont have to edit the advanced config, just to make the checkmark do its job right.

Maybe implement 2 checkmarks:

best quality with best compatibility to players
best quality

something like this. If good naming is used it should be understandable by your woman too.

Currently it is really misleading. If I choose best quality I expect to get best quality. How could I this way trust jdownloader on other portals where I dont know its internals? I couldnt trust jdownloader in this case if it really downloads best quality or if it again downloads just the best hardware player spreaded format.

Thx. Seems like you have insight. Why do you know things like this?
By Downloading the video and checking the file, also much by learning myself.
tips for ID numbers:
If you make a rightclick on a video and choose stats for nerds you can see the used ID number for video and audio at current playback.
Or this helps for ID numbers too:
**External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**

The bitrate values are a bit strange on that page though. I dont know how they calculate it. So for checking bitrate,better download it and look it up with the program Mediainfo at textview.

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