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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
Moving the cleanup button order, I don't believe will happen, its in the same location to make finding it an ease. If you are smart enough you will learn from past 'mistakes' and wont make the same again. As you are now fully aware that you can disable the switching tabs on adding links && that the boomstick cleanup has dialog prompt warning prior to removing links it's totally your issue if you continue to make the same pattern of errors.
The problem is that its not that hard to find, its more likely you'll mistake one page for the other. A destructive feature should take a second more to find perhaps, which is a good thing.

I don't make a pattern of errors, I'm just saying that I just see how its possible for someone(esp end users) to screw up. People aren't computers. Ever drive somewhere and not remember the last few blocks you've driven? That's the human brain for ya. As a helper tool, jdownloader should require the least attention from the user you can possibly design into it, its job is to basically take the load off the user right?

Whether its cockpits or even cars, they design against potentials for mistakes. Learned over years of examining accidents and crashes and the rest, when people are loaded with tasks, every last thing does matter. While the stakes are different, people usually run jdownloadr while doing other things, everyone multitasks now, so the potential for mistakes increases.

Just weigh the pros and cons.

To learn a different location for the cleanup button on the download page, takes one time. To have it moved to another location where it can never be mistaken for the link grabber cleanup, saves stress on the user each and every time its used.

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Semi related, UI changes/design just have to account for human behavior. And he explains how some of it applies to getting things to work on mobile...you can always design things to reduce possible errors and frustration. Many of the things that require changes to make things more usable don't "dumb things down", the old ways were not better because they were harder, they were just harder and more stress on the end user because they weren't as well thought out...or just not considered.

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I think that there should be some kind of asistonto ... I mean assistant ...

lately the complaints are the same, we like how it looks or where they are, or any type of modification that can be customizable .... from the location, as shown, or if it is easier or harder to access some option ...

so therefore a setup wizard, maybe can help keep everyone happy ...
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