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Old 23.11.2019, 06:03
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Default Special characters prevent the link grabbing on windows


Completely new here.
I've been noticing that Jdownloader doesn't grab the links whose files have special characters in it, thus, I can't download them afterward. Most of the time, i don't even notice the non grabbing issue, because it doesn't indicate anything. No error message, nothing, it just skips it and i have to manually realize it's not here, then realizing indeed the file name i wanted to dl has special characters in it. (I suspect it's the same thing for very long file names)

The issues in forum threads i've found here are about people wanting to "recover" special characters, or have much more complicated issues or requests than mine (I basically just want to download all the links i want, no matter their names). So I have the strange impression i'm the only one to have this issue and that Jdownloader already replace special characters by default, but not mine, and since windows prevent special characters in names it just doesn't register.

I was looking how to use a script or the packagizer to replace name. Here is this thread, it gives me hints on how to do it :
but i don't even know where to add the lines :
Search for: ^(.{40}).*(\..{3,4})$
Replace by: $1$2
in the packagizer ?

Besides the fact it's a bit complicated for me, i'd just prefer having Jdownloader by default that does this already.

What did i do wrong ? Did i accidentally touch some options ? I'll reinstall it if i can't find it, hope it will solve the problem but better ask here first.

Thank you a lot for your help.


I think i have an even bigger issue than I thought, I recently noticed Jdownloader didn't want to grab links for no reason at all. Even with a normal file name. For example, sometimes, if there is a webpage with 10 links to download, i manually grab all the 10 links one by one, it grabs like 7 and won't grab the last 3, even though they have same characteristics than the others. If i keep copy/past the address of the missing link, it will keep ignoring it. (it's not an issue with duplicates, i made sure of that, no error message either). It seems to randomly refuse to grab some links, beside always refusing links with special characters as said above. It probably all comes from the same original issue, but i can't localize it.

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Old 23.11.2019, 06:51
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Long post but miss the most important thing: example links.
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Old 23.11.2019, 07:43
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I'm with tony
example links within the context of how you copy, as in right click copy url? or are you highlighting body of text and coping. Some platforms abbreviate text links (for example with ...) and you loose components of the url which is required for JD url listening to pick up on, this maybe whats happening. Though with modern browsers allow copying of the entire html behind the body that you select and jd checks that also... So that should be less likely, unless you've turned that option off in jd GraphicalUserInterfaceSettings.clipboardmonitorprocesshtmlflavor

Dont think it has anything todo with special characters myself.

raztoki @ jDownloader reporter/developer

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