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Old 17.11.2019, 06:07
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Default JD2 suddenly using 20% cpu constantly, even when idle

I don't know what caused this. JD2 had been open for a while downloading and everything was normal.

Then I noticed the laptop was unusually warm, and checked usage in task manager. JD2 was using around 20% cpu. It kept on doing that so I updated.

Even after update, JD2 is constantly using around 20% cpu, including when nothing is downloading. Just by being open it does that.

I recently updated Windows 10 to 1903, and recently updated Java as well. But this problem didn't show up after that (it's been a couple days). It just showed up randomly while JD2 was downloading for a while, and doesn't want to go away. Please help.

16.11.19 22.48.01 <--> 16.11.19 22.55.30 jdlog://8132230900751/

Edit: Right after I posted because JD2 had been using 20% cpu for over an hour, two things happened.

I saw Microsoft's Antimalware start using a bunch of cpu too, right as a was about to try generating a log for the two days I had previously had JD2 open before updating (logs that long unusually fail to generate so I don't usually even bother trying).

And then, right when I clicked to generate the 2 day long log, basically instantly JD2 stopped using all that cpu. Microsoft Antimalware also stopped using high cpu at just about that time too.

The problem seems to be gone now (yay!) but I'm confused.

Could the start of generating the 2 day long log actually have changed something with JD2 somehow that it started working right again?

Could MS Antimalware have somehow messed up JD2 until it was done doing whatever it was doing? MS Antimalware wasn't using a bunch of cpu until a minute or two before the problem ended, though (I was sorting task manager by cpu usage, so I would have seen if Antimalware was using a bunch of cpu earlier). And I've never had any problems in the past with JD2 while MS Antimalware was doing something in the background.

I made a log that includes the time where JD2 stopped using 20% cpu, in case that shines some light on what happened.

16.11.19 22.48.01 <--> 16.11.19 23.22.28 jdlog://1232230900751/

I'm glad the problem went away but this is really weird.

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