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Default jDownloader database format


Is there any documents that explain the database format used by jDownloader? (database.script) I ask because I lost all my links (yep, I know about Ctrl+B and using the zip files inside ./backup/). I tried the method of restoring the database.zip file, but it didn't work (jDownloader opens with no downloads). However, when jDownloader starts, even when it's completely empty (no downloads), the database.script file still has a size of over 220MB. In my opinion, something must be inside it that perhaps I can use to get my links back, even if it requires understanding and manually editing/repairing the database file.

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you probably upgraded java from sub 1.6 update 26 to something newer and the data base corrupted as oracle changed how that database behaves which resulted in data corruption.

revert java version to sub 1.6 _26 and restore backup.

also you might need more memory sounds like you have thousands of links queued. start JD with command line string
"c:\program files\java\java1.6\bin\javaw.exe" -jar "c:\program files\jdownloader\jdownloader.jar" -Xmx1024m
change the paths to suite your installations and OS
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Hi raztoki

Thanks for your suggestions. I did in fact update Java when the links got lost, but it was an update from 1.6.0_31 to 1.6.0_32, does that afect the database also? I will try increasing the RAM memory since, in fact, I have lots of links. However, regarding the original question, is the database format documented somewhere? from your answer it seems it's an standard format used by Java, am I right?

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