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Default "Bug" ... Not sure if it is

Hello people,

I know that this might not be treated as a bug, but this can still be considered as something that is easily avoided, and may cost ppl a bit of their nerves, if they are unlucky (or not so careful, as I am).

This is the situation. I was downloading a certain episode of a certain show, got some 60% of the episode and then figured out I could rename the "show.avi.part" to show.avi.
I first copied show.avi.part to show.avi.part.copy, so I don't interrupt downloading, and then renamed show.avi.part.copy to show.avi.
As a result, I was able to watch 2/3 of the episode, while the rest was downloading.

However, when I finished with that 60% of the episode, and it stopped, i closed my player and expected to open the "real" episode. Then I realized that I did a mistake - I didn't rename the episode to something like show.tmp.avi, thus prevented JDownloader to rename show.avi.part -> show.avi

As a result, JDownloader simply skipped the renaming step. BUT (!!!), there was actually part of the file missing. So I was left with some 95% of the episode, to my horror.

This could easily be avoided by simply checking if file exists at the moment when renaming is to take part.

While my case was a simple act of human stupidity, there are other possibilities (like, I may start torrent and JDownloader, whichever finishes first).

That's it...


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See Feature #177 : Autorenaming of existing files
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without a logfile i cant say much. when jd wants to rename the part file to final file, then its 100% complete. i need logfile to say more (click menubar ? log, then upbload button and then post url)

i guess you dont want to reproduce this

jd does rename to final file if possible, if its blocked then jd will skip renaming.
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