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Old 07.08.2018, 06:59
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Default Twitch - in acount manager says "plugin outdated", multi-part download questions

I noticed today that in the Twitch plugin settings, under Account Manager it has my account enabled, but right underneath that it says "Status Plugin Outdated".

I'm not seeing any actual problems from this as far as I can tell so this is very minor. But it does continue to say plugin outdated in that spot even right after updating JD2, so it seems that's showing up erroneously.

I also have a question about the way Twitch downloading recently changed. Now it seems to download in multiple parts and then has to merge when everything finishes. That's despite having "max chunks per download" set to 1.

(Unless that was changed back in the latest update. I haven't had time for a download to complete since updating and I need to sleep soon.)

This multiple-part change to twitch downloading worries me. (Sorry for the long explanation that follows).

My net was unreliable for an extended period of time recently, which means I have lost net for periods of time during long a twitch download a bunch of times recently. But if the net wasn't down too long the download would resume and end up completing.

When that happened, JD2 would often think the download had stopped at close to complete, but not fully complete.

The result of this would be a completely playable file, however. All I had to do was make sure JD2 wouldn't retry to download the whole thing again right away after it stopped (by moving other downloads higher in the list). Then I could disable the net-hiccup download after it stopped, so it wouldn't get retried at all. Then just rename the file to get rid of ".part" at the end.

Doing these steps when there's a net hiccup during a twitch download will almost always result in a completely playable file, which seems to include the entire stream, as long as the net wasn't down for a long time.

What I'm worried about is that this all relies on there being one part to the download.

I haven't had any net issues since the recent change to multi-part-downloading and merging at the end.

But I don't think I would be able to salvage a download after a net hiccup anymore because of the multi-part downloading that's done now. I mean, I don't think that JD2 would merge a download that it thought stopped at not quite incomplete. Correct?

So I'm wondering a few things.

Would the multiple part files be usable if a net hiccup caused what I described (a download which JD2 thought was almost-but-not-quite complete when it stopped)? I mean, would renaming them to mp4 result in a playable file? Or do twitch downloads now need to be merged to be playable?

I'm also wondering, what is the particular reason for this multi-part download change? I don't know what the advantage is supposed to be.

From what I can see, it seems to make things more complicated, and add a gap of time where nothing is downloading until the merge finishes (if you have max downloads at a time at 1 because of slow net). And when the merging is going on it's very intensive.

I'm having trouble thinking of an advantage in that. So the multi part thing confuses me.

Could there, please, be a setting added to the twitch plugin to let you choose not to do multi-part downloading? I would strongly like to avoid that high-intensity merging, and it would simplify salvaging a download when a net hiccup happens too.

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