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Old 09.12.2011, 03:54
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Default "save linklist" feature not saving comments

First of all, I don't know if this is intentioned behavior or if it's a bug, but because it is a bug from my point of view, I am posting this on the Bugreports Forum.

I think the function called "Save Linklist" in File > Save is a well known feature and it saved me some hours of recollecting links several times and I appretiate this feature, but in my point of view there is a bug when saving the list.

The Comment field for some reason isn't saved at all which is quite time intensive to restore when you saved some information on the download in there (which - of course - is the point of the comments field).

For example I used the comments field for saving the info from where I got a special link (original URL, some sort of things like that), but after a restore this information is gone which can - under some circumstances - be very annoying to restore.

I guess in a case like that a log to post isn't necessary because it's a thing that can be reproduced in a few minutes.
Just take a link, add it to jD, save a comment for the package, save link list, delete the link list and reopen the saved container, you see there is no comment at all, sadly in my opinion.

If this is intended behavior I would love to see this in the future and I'd appreciate if this thread would be moved to the feature request forum instead in this case.

Best regards

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Old 13.01.2012, 13:26
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I don't know whether it's a bug or by design, but I don't store the information about my links in jD but in a separate text file.
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Old 16.01.2012, 11:22
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will be fixed with next major update
the complete linklist saving will get rewritten
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Old 05.03.2012, 17:38
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Hello Jiaz, sounds good, I also need the linklist-comment. Is there already a planned release date for this next major update ?
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Old 05.03.2012, 21:32
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(Hopefully) this or next month.
It will be mind-blowing.
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Old 06.03.2012, 04:45
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Looking forward for this one, thanks in advance!

Though I don't really rely on it at the moment because I am rarely using jD at all at the moment.
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