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Old 23.04.2010, 03:42
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Exclamation jDownloader halting ..... Edit: During deep extraction

Up to no I have loved jD .. but in the last week it has started to drive me crazy. Please help before I tear all my hair out and become bald !!

The problem is that when jD processes a RAR extraction, it will make no new connections during the unrar, eventually halting jD. Here is what happens:

1) If I download a RAR with a single file inside, all extracts well.

2) If I download a RAR with another RAR inside, when jD processes the deep extration it will make no new connections during that time, eventually leading jD to halt.

Yet the top bar still shows the first (start) icon as grey (meaning that jD thinks it is running). And if I increase the max DLs, then those will start up (and halt once completed, not starting new DLs).

The only way I have found to solce this is to restart jD and make sure that UnRAR is turned off.

To be safe I got the latest version of Java and installed that, it does not seem to help.

Any suggestions, help or ideas will be appreciated.

Many thanks!
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Old 23.04.2010, 10:05
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Some example links and a detailed log might help the devs to find the problem.
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Old 23.04.2010, 10:10
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OK ... I will find a few links that have multiple layer RARs and generate a log report.

It appears that during the second level unrar the download connections are not marked as completed or closed, thus jD thinks they are still running and will not start another.

Hopefully the devs can figure it out.
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Old 24.04.2010, 06:50
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What's wrong with being bald? I'm bald? And so is this smiley.

Seriously, we need links and a log to fix this. First, please uninstall Java and install Java version 1.6.0_17 x32. The newer versions have many more bugs. You can find the installer for this version of Java on the Download page. Click on "Other", and the second entry is the Java installer. If this fixes the problem, please let us know.

For now, turn off the Deep extraction. On the page Settings - Plugins & Addons - Extensions - JD Unrar, click on the Advanced Settins tab and untick (uncheck) the box next to Deep Extraction. That should eliminate the problem, but means you have to continue the extraction yourself. If you do not have the software to do that, please visit "7-zip.org/download.html" to download a free program that should help (it is a good program that I use often). After installing this program you should be able to right click on a file in Windows Explorer and select "Extract Files <directory name>".

Thank you for letting us know about the problem. We plan to change the extraction process to use 7-zip in the future, but this could still be a problem.
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Old 24.04.2010, 08:44
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Nothing wrong with bald ... my grandfather was bald and someday I too will probably be that way. It just does not look good where there are chunks of your hair torn from your head.

I went through my links tonight and found several with deep files, I will up load those and a log. While I did downgrade to a lower version of java (no fix ) I wil uninstall and install the version you listed.

I tried several tonight and the progress bar on the bottom shows a deep extraction starting, but never any indication that it completed. Yet when I look at the specific directory, I see it completed the job. Enventually jD completed the jobs running prior to the start of the extraction, but did not start any others.

The only other case like this I have seen was several months ago. In that situaton jD was extracting large files (30GB or so) and would do the same thing, that is not start any new downloads while the unrar process was running in the background.

Up to now jD and unrar have been working well, I do hope the logs and links can get this resolved. More sites are going with multiple level rars and this is starting to become a real pain.

Many thanks!
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Problem re-created, sample links and log file attached
Attached Files
File Type: rar jDownloader halting ..... During deep extraction.rar (13.5 KB, 360 views)
File Type: txt Sample_LInks.txt (913 Bytes, 370 views)

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