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Old 31.12.2010, 16:56
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Default rename b4 download

Moderator Edit: This feature is already recommended. Duplicate requests such as this one only waste everybody's time.

need a function to rename b4 download,becoz most rar or zip file usually the name are mixed with numbers and alphabet.if download many rar together,difficult to remember which is which, and take times to open 1 by 1.

sry for poor english

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Old 01.01.2011, 12:41
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See history item #2 in and also

This probably is the worst design mistake in jD, because this features has been asked so many times that I lost count. The feature has been asked for ages, but it probably requires a major overhaul of the code.

If you want to stay in jD, there are a few (cumbersome) workarounds :-

1) For archives you can extract to another folder. In the "Advanced Settings" of the JD Unrar extension you can specify a sub-path like %PACKAGENAME% (a place holder for the real Package name).

2) For files that aren't archives, let the LG create a package for every link and then select/create a separate folder for the "Save to" field for each package. This is extremely cumbersome, but the only way to give meaningful names to what you download.

3) Create a text file and store your links together with the names you want. After the files are downloaded, use your text file to rename your files. I know this is impossible when the links don't contain the file name as is mostly the case with MU, for instance.

Because of all the hassle, this is why I still need to use another download manager, FDM, when I need to rename my downloaded files.

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Old 02.01.2011, 10:23
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Packages can always be renamed.

Links cannot be renamed, because then they will not download. It would be possible to rename files after download.

The solution to your archive problem is to specify automatic renaming patterns just as we have Filter patterns for Link Grabber. The substitution uses modern regular expressions in 'sed' format. This is also a Feature Request in the Bugtracker.

For example, to rename files into a standardized form:
call unurl()
# Make spaces easier to see
s/ / /g
s/[\w_-.+.]/ /g

# Make episode numbers consistent
s/(.*?\a.*?)\w(\d)(\d\d)\w(.*?)/\1 S\2E\3 \4/

# Remove everything after the (standardized) episode number except the extension
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Old 02.01.2011, 12:44
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I took away your edits by restoring my post. I think it was inappropriate to edit it the way you did.

If writing that something "probably is the worst design mistake in jD" is inappropriate, then please first explain why. I also use FDM for this particular feature.

I've written this numerous times, even before you joined the board, but nobody ever found it inappropriate.

I also don't appreciate the way you edited gwendoline's post. This was gwendoline's first post and gwendoline might now decide never to post again because of your treatment of her post.

I would like to ask you to show some respect for members who're not posting in their native language, don't know the rules of the board or can't find what you want them to find.

Note also that if gwendoline isn't a programmer she'll probably not understand your post. Please, consider and show respect for the member's level of acquaintance with computer concepts and technology. Don't use computer concepts and technology if you aren't sure that the member is familiar with them.
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