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Default Execution of JD on a server

Greetings and apologies if this has already been asked before. My initial search did not surface anything that seemed pertinent.

I'd like to request a commandline version of this excellent program. I have ssh access to a server that I'd like to use to download large files from webhosts using jDownloader. Since I can't run jDownloader in its current form, I'd highly appreciate a commandline version of it or at least, a rudimentary version that will provide active download links for different hosts that I can retrieve with wget or similar.

Thanks a lot!
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Thumbs up How to run JD on a server.

It is not yet possible to do this completely, because the dialogue boxes are not redirected to the WebInterface. This discussion describes how to do this with current JD software.

This request is already in the bugtracker, but there is no UI-less version of JDownloader at this time.

For a list of command line arguments for starting JD:
jdownloader --help

After registering for a Forum Account, try this:
1) Install JDownloader on a local machine. Update it to the Nightly Test Version. Set all of the options you need (or use the --options command line parameter, but that is not recommended). Make sure to include the proper Download Directory for use on the server.

Disable Reconnection and any addons that require interaction. Enable the WebInterface for handling Captchas (might not work yet). Also enable the Remote Control.

Read Self Help Index -> Optimizing your number of connections. This will help you set Max.Con. and Max.Dls.

Set the Downloads & Connections -> Maximum buffer size to 2000.

Disable the Tray addon.

Disable all of he normal dialogues.

Disable (in the Hosts table) YouTube, uGotFile, and the other hosts that display a Captcha or dialog.

2) Copy the entire JDownloader directory to the server.

3) Install the proper Java version (32 bit JRE 5 update 21) on the server. Make sure that the Java bin directory is in the path.

3) Set up a system scheduler (or cron) task to start JDownloader a short time (maybe 120 seconds) after system start. Use the following script:
cd <jdownloader directory>
java -verbose -Xmx512m -Xms256m -jar jdownloader.jar -m -debug -brdebug 1> javalog.log 2> JDlog.log
The first -X command sets the maximum Heap memory to 512 MiB (could be up to 1536 if you have sufficient RAM, could be as low as 256). The second -X command says to start with the heap at that size and is optional).

-m says to start the program without a main window, just the Tray Icon (which is disabled, so nothing should be displayed).

-verbose -debug and -brdebug provide a lot of debugging information, especially if you set the Log Level=ALL. This is necessary at first, because you will have to do some testing and debugging. You will note that the debugging is redirected to 2 files (the Java output and the JD output), usually JDlog.log is necessary for debugging. If Java fails to start or crashes, it automatically saves a file hs_err*.log (* is the process number). When requesting help with a problem, include a description, antivirus, firewall, OS on both the server and client and so on. Also attach an archive containing the JDlog.log, javalog.log, and any hs_err files).

Use the WebInterface and Remote Control (search for the details) to control JD. You can add packages and links easily with the RemoteControl. The WebInterface allows you to view the links list and perform actions on it.

You will be testing, I cannot tell you when it will work. There has been a request for a "Headless" version of JD for a long time, but the problem has always been that the dialogue boxes (including Captcha) are not redirected to the WebInterface. I do not know if this is fixed.

4) Regardless of the outcome, please report your experience. You will need your own forum account, because we may have to e-mail you (set it to allow e-mail from Moderators and Administrators only. Also, the Bugsy account is for quick questions with only a few messages.
Please, in each Forum, Read the Rules!.Helpful Links. Read before posting.

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