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Old 07.02.2011, 17:34
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Default Open directory but not in Windows Explorer

I have set Windows to use a different file manager (Directory Opus) for folder operations.

One of the only programs that does not respect this setting is JDownloader. It insists on using Microsoft's useless Windows Explorer when I ask it to "Open Directory".

I have tried searching around here for a way to set JDownloader to do what I want but can't find anything here or in the settings.

I have probably missed it. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Many thanks.

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Old 08.02.2011, 10:58
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Please, read "Open Directory Linux support for other file managers then Nautilus (Such as Thunar)".
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Old 08.02.2011, 11:05
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Thank you. I already looked at that. I could not understand a word. (I am not a computer programmer.)

Is it telling me that in Windows, I don't use Linux, I have to use Windows Explorer if I use JDownloader?
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Old 08.02.2011, 11:51
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in current stable the windows explorer is hardcoded.
future versions might use the user set explorer tool
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Old 08.02.2011, 11:52
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Read Jiaz' words because they are more important than anything else.

He wrote that that he would add a custom file browser soon and that he was also thinking about adding a drop down [menu] soon to choose a [file browser]. The text delimited by [] was added by me.

I would just design the interface with the file browser the same way as was done for the (Internet) browser.
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Old 08.02.2011, 11:56
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Many thanks for the responses. They now answer my question.

You may find this interesting:

**External links are only visible to Support Staff**The default verb is not necessarily "open"

It would be nice to get away from Windows Explorer. It is not very good.
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Old 17.02.2011, 03:08
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I also use Directory Opus as my default file manager in Windows and would appreciate if JDowloader delegated opening folders to it.

The UI may not even need to be changed since it seems that the Java 6 Desktop API now supports opening files using the default app associated with them. Directory opening would then be handled by my default file manager.

Thanks for your great work and here's a handy link to the Java Desktop API:

**External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**
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