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Old 02.05.2011, 01:56
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Default Found Growl Plugin bug

Hello, i'm Maximiliano. I've been using jDownloader for a while. I've recently bought a iMac 27" with snow leopard. And I've been trying to activate the growl notifications but with no succes, and i've found this:

The grownNotification.scpt (located on jDownlaoder.app/Contents/Resources/Java/jd/osx/growlNotification.scpt) it's working correctly, but it has the notification titles in german, so when jdownloader executes the script with the third argument "All downloads finished!" the script dont know what type of notification it's because all the titles registration are in german. Something like this:

set the allNotificationsList to ¬
{"Something in German", "All downloads finished!", "Paket fertig", "Program start", "Download fehlgeschlagen", "Bot erkannt"}

I've fixed Program Start and All downloads finished and it works correctly, but a full fix will be bether.

BTW I've tried to remove it so the jd-updater download a new script, but it's still in german.

Thank you all, great software.

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Old 02.05.2011, 11:34
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Old 02.05.2011, 14:31
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Default little fix

I've created a little fix for the growNotification.scpt.:)

on run argv
	tell application "GrowlHelperApp"
		set varDescription to item 1 of argv
		set varFilename to item 2 of argv
		-- set varTitle to item 3 of argv
		set varTitle to "jD"
		-- Make a list of all the notification types 
		-- that this script will ever send:
		set the allNotificationsList to ¬
		-- Make a list of the notifications 
		-- that will be enabled by default.      
		-- Those not enabled by default can be enabled later 
		-- in the 'Applications' tab of the growl prefpane.
		set the enabledNotificationsList to ¬
		-- Register our script with growl.
		-- You can optionally (as here) set a default icon 
		-- for this script's notifications.
		register as application ¬
			"jDownloader" all notifications allNotificationsList ¬
			default notifications enabledNotificationsList ¬
			icon of application "jDownloader"
		--	Send a Notification...
		notify with name ¬
			varTitle title ¬
			varDescription description ¬
			varFilename application name "jDownloader"
	end tell
end run
So this will register a new type of notification (named jD) and will send any notification via this type. So this make it work, but you cannot select what notifications to send

To use it, put that code in jDownloader.app/Contents/Resources/Java/osx/growlNotification.scpt (save & compile it with AppleScript editor)

Thank you all, Maximiliano.
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