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Default Downloaded list OR saving Finished list!


I think it would be great if we have downloaded list [new tab] for all the files that have been downloaded and finished. This would be a great for archive & backup purposes where you can get back for the comments information that you appended in those files or you may lose those files and need to DL them again, this is really helpfull. Also, it would be better to separate still downloading list from finished downloaded packages!

OR ..

It could be a way to save those downloaded list and viewing them simply as lists of txt/xls or any other readable format.

I hope this is simple suggestion that can be integrated easily as a plugin or an add-on.
Best Regards,

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Old 26.12.2011, 02:06
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Waw, two years ago! .. so, is there anyway this could be implemented in somehow. The second suggestion could be easy I guess, isn't it?

All what make me suggest this was this!

Actually, it's really problem for me.. this could save me lots of my searching time if I can save those links with their comments and simple info. Also, I will be comfort for deleting them and clear the list later after finishing download.

Thanks anyway,
Keep it up!
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Old 26.12.2011, 06:24
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me me me me

sorry your not the only person in this equation and when it comes down to it, it's a low priority ticket. Once all the high priority rewrites (for our next major update) have been completed there will be some time to implement additional/new features. This feature (svn ticket) has really no influence on downloading persay hence why it hasn't progressed. There are also implications when we only show users say a protected link (the original link from link protected websites, or DLC/containers will be null/blank links). We will not/can not show you those end links, so exporting links (into raw text, csv/txt file) can only be the protected original protected url or non protected links. If you go to readd a link that's not longer online within the linkprotection service you wouldn't be able to import it anyway.

So you either wait for this feature to be implemented or think about work arounds/alternative methods. Best one I can think of myself would be to create dlcs backups of your links every day or so.
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Okay, okay! .. don't beat me up, just do what you want to do. Just it's a way of my type I like to show the missing thing in something to improve it.

And, I'm really sorry if I was a heavy guy with my trivial suggestion. I guess that'll be my last. I'm out of that big equation
Thanks anyway, really appreciate your work with that program and yes I always recommend it to other.
I am really sure dlcs backups is great way, still I got problem with viewing them, but never mind.


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Old 26.12.2011, 16:11
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Don't feel like beaten up. This is a dreams and wishes forum and you've the right to ask what you would like to have. Some dreams will stay dreams and others will be realised.

If this history feature would have been easy to implement, it would have been implemented a long time ago. The logic is that programmers tend to choose the low hanging fruit first and the most complex features are never implemented. Sometimes new technologies can make implementing these features more feasible.

I haven't seen any tool that has implemented it properly. FDM is frequently complaining about the size of its database so every year I've to export a part of its download history.

The best way I've found for jD is to create a text file to store all my links and additional info about the downloads, before I coipy them to jD. It's searchable and it also avoids your problem with your lost Linkgrabber links.
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