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Old 02.04.2012, 06:57
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Exclamation JDownloader 2 (Beta) - Known issues & bugs

These are the current known bugs and issues. Please do not bring these topics up within new/old threads, as we are fully aware of there presence. You will be just wasting your time and ours.

The following items are not bugs/issues:
a) We have moved a couple of the existing extensions into the standard settings menu (light tray, extraction). These are commonly used features which will be enabled by default but you can still disable them if you choose. The other/missing extensions and where have they gone? Many extensions will not be included within our new JDownloader, the reason behind this is; If extensions haven't been supported in recent time by there original authors or contributors they are not going to be included. The jdownloader development team (which primary consists of Appwork staff) have decided not to include these extensions without supporters. Appwork does not have the time to maintain these extensions. You can change this if you would like, by reviewing and fixing any of the known issues from these extensions and most importantly support this extension going forward. Without support going forward extensions will NOT be included with JDownloader for public use.

b) The GUI features within v2 hasn't been fully restored/finalised. This isn't a bug or necessarily an issue of concern!
- Themes/Styles will most likely come back.
- Same with button selections on the toolbar etc.
- Context menus are still been developed and changed.
Please wait until development has stabilised/finalised before requesting menu/options to return.

c) What won't necessarily be coming back is some of the previous settings menus. If you can not find a setting please look in 'advanced' and use filter on keywords to reduce results. Most minor settings have been moved into that area thus reducing the requirement for so many menus.

d) Multihoster support.
- It's coming back! New framework been written to replace the old implementation that was provided by the 'Premium' addon. 'Premium' addon overwrote the downloading components of the hoster plugin which supported that domain/link. As the previous Premium addon is no longer available, you will need to wait for the new plugins to be created for each of these service providers. This work is been done by Jiaz and myself.

e) Language support
We have changed the way language support will be provided. The developer/translator side will need to be finalised before translation work can proceed any further. This is not a bug or issue of major concern!

known bugs

1 a) What:
Merge Package (right click context) within the download tab. If you merge selected items you will loose those entries, even active downloads.
b) current work arounds:
Merge within linkgrabber or not at all.
c) Fix progress:

fixed by coalado

2 a) What:
On post event within linkgrabber it brings the application to the foreground (ontop)
b) Current work arounds:
c) Fix progress:
svn issue ticket, requesting advanced option to disable that behaviour

3 a) What:
Regular expression tester within linkgrabber and package customiser :: rule editor/add rule. This is maximised at full screen, over the top of OS toolbars etc.
b) Current work arounds:
c) Fix progress:
svn issue ticket, requesting change of window size.

x a) What:
b) Current work arounds:
c) Fix progress:
raztoki @ jDownloader reporter/developer

Don't fight the system, use it to your advantage. :]

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Old 14.04.2012, 17:02
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4 a) What:
"Force download" is ignoring settings
b) Current work arounds:
c) Fix progress:

- I think how it works in Nightly/Stable was ok.

5 a) What:
Multilink package bug - mirror links are not disabled when one of the link from the package is completed, resulting in dupes. This is caused by online status
b) Current work arounds:
Re-Online check all pending downloads in download queue after restarting JDownloader, prior to downloading!
c) Fix progress:

work around issued!

6 a) What:
Package naming when adding one or more links (link + mirror: all the files have the same name):
-- in first case - the package name is "Various",
-- in 2nd case - package name is set to filename (correctly)
(it doesn't matter if the Packagizer is on/off, however with on package naming should follow the rule:
Package Name = <jd:orgfilename> always
b) Current work arounds:
manual renaming of single link package
c) Fix progress:

solved, for discussion if above setting should be default.

This isn't a bug but a new feature to prevent large volume of package names with only one (or x) file(s). You can define 1 (or x) file packages to be within 'various' instead.
'Advanced Settings: LinkGrabberSettings.variouspackagelimit = 0' if you want to disable various.

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Old 06.10.2014, 18:52
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Thread is not a sticky anymore, most of the described issues are outdated|are fixed!

GreeZ psp

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