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Default Captcha FAQ

Captcha FAQ - English
Dear community,
our team makes recognitions for every service they can.
You find a Captcha list with Captchas JD does or does not recognize below.

1. Please tell me, why do I have to type in those nasty Captchas?
Because of dark forces.

No, seriously...
1.1. Why do I have to type in Captchas?

Captchas are used to differ between human and computer.
Some use it to protect their site against spam and others use it to make money.
For most of the hosts it's the second reason so by buying a premium account you can remove the Captchas.
If you want to skip the Captchas without a premium account this FAQ will help you.
By the way, Captcha means: "completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart".

1.2. Why doesn't JDownloader recognize all of those Captchas?

Well, here you have an explanation and below (point 3) there is a list of most of the Captchas you can get:
1. Most of these hosts use "reCaptcha" or "solvemedia" captchas.
2. Those captchas are quite dynamic. Unlike other Captchas which work with a static database of letters there is no simple database behind those Captchas.
3. The letters in the Captchas are connected or overlap (and in the same colour) and in order to make an automatic recognition you have to develop an algorithm which separates all letters from each other which is hard to do for such captchas.
4. The letters of unrecognized Captchas have often different angles and in order to make an automatic recognition you have to set them all upright and then separate the letters from each other.
5. Because of the mentioned points, we can't make a recognition for all Captchas in future.

Two examples for Captchas without an automatic recognition:
reCaptcha Captcha:

solvemedia Captcha:

2. So which Captchas does JD recognize automatically?
A bunch of captchas. Despite reCaptcha.

Below you'll find a big list of all Captchas you could get in JD.
Here is the explanation of the colours representing the current recognization status.

Bold = There is no recognition available at the moment but there is enough demand that the team will work on it soon.
Bold + Underlined = There is no recognition available at the moment, there will probably never be a recognition available for this host
Green = Captcha method works and will be available with the next update if it isn't already available in your current version of JDownloader
Orange = Currently in progress
Red = Broken. Fix is uncertain.

Keep in mind that captcha recognitions only get updated on MAJOR updates so some of the recognitions marked as working (GREEN) are not working right now in the stable (0.9.851) version but they're already fixed and will work in JD2!

3. There is no automatic recognition available for the Captcha I get, what can I do?
Use an anti Captcha service!

3.1. General information

Yes, there are solutions even for the captchas which JD doesn't recognize.
Those services are called CES (Captcha Exchange Server) services.
Instead of you solving a Captcha, it is sent to a server and then is solved by a random person sitting in front of his computer anywhere in the world.
Using these services, you can solve captchas for which there is no automatic JD Captcha recognition.
Usually you have Credits (points) which you can redeem for solved captchas, then.
You can use such a service in 2 ways.

The paid version:
Pay for credits and redeem them for solved Captchas.

The free version:
Solve Captchas for others -> earn credits -> let others solve your Captchas -> spend credits.

Note: A lot of CES service have both, free- and paid models!

The credit rates vary from service to service.
You can find them on their homepages.

3.2. Setting up a CES service (JDownloader 2 required)

Note that none of those services (except my.jdownloader.org) belongs to us and we do NOT provide any technical support for them. If one of them spreads malicious software we are NOT liable for that.

1. Pick a CES service you want to use.
By the time this FAQ was written JD2 had official implementations for the following services:
deathbycaptcha.eu, imagetyperz.com, captchabrotherhood.com, my.jdownloader.org*, 9kw.eu
* = Only forwards captcha - does not let other users solve captchas for you
You will find more services of this kind on the net but they're not (yet) officially implemented in JD2.
The easiest way is to use a service which is officially implemented in JDownloader.

2. Create yourself an account for the service you want to use.

3. In JDownloader, go to Settings --> Captcha --> Select your service --> Click on "Edit" in the "Settings" column and add your account.

Depending on the service you use, you either have to enter a username & password or an API-key which you usually find in the account overview of the CES service.

4. Make sure that the service is activated (by default, all are active) and that you have points/credits/whatever is needed to let others solve the captcha on your account!
That's all, now other people can solve your captchas while you're not at home or sleeping!

Extra hint: You can use multiple CES services at the same time in JDownloader.
This increases the chance that there are enough people available to remotely solve your captchas.

If you got problems you can find some troubleshooting hints in point 4.

4. Help me, I've set up a CES service but JD still asks me to enter captchas manually!
CES troubleshooting

4.1. Make sure that your login data is valid.

4.2. If you use any special characters in your password, remove them!
Use only lower case letters and numbers, at least for testing purposes.

4.3. Do you have enough credits on your account?
As described above you need credits to get Captchas solved.
If you have no credits left you either have to buy new credits or generate credits by solving Captchas for other users.
In your CES service account you can see how many credits you own at the moment.

4.4. I checked the points above but I still got problems!

As stated above these are external services so we do not provide any official support.
However, some of them have their own official support threads in our forum - see here:

my.jdownloader.org Support By official JDownloader team

captchabrotherhood.com Support By lelim

deathbycaptcha.com Support By Density

9kw.eu Support By thecoder2012

imagetyperz.com Support By imagetypers

2captcha.com Support JD Plugin By krayger

5. Help me - I'am getting "unreadable" captchas in JD while in browser the captchas are easy to solve - what can I do?

Do you get captchas like this in JD?

...while via browser you get easy captchas like this?

Update may 2015: From now on, JDownloader should display the same captchas you get via browser thanks to THIS.
If you however, still have problems or are interested in this topic, just continue to read

All of these examples are reCaptcha captchas and come from Google.
Google has complex algorithms to differ between humans and bots and unfortunately even for us it is hard to break them so Google will often recognize JDownloader as a bot (which is correct) thus sending harder-to-solve captchas than via browser.
Google does allow other applications to display their captchas but treats them as BOTs.

Okay I understand that the issue is not caused by JDownloader and the JDownloader Support cannot do anything about it but anyways - is there anything I can do?
Well there is little you can do as there are a lot of factors which google uses to decide which captchas you get.
The only things you can try is:
1. If you use a proxy/VPN - disable it and try again!
2. If you have a dynamic IP address get a new IP by e.g. rebooting your router and try again.
If, after these steps you still get the same bad captchas, you will either have to keep trying or ask the support of the service you're using (e.g. uploaded.net) to use another captcha type instead of googles reCaptcha.
You could of course also ask Google for help but chances are small that they will help you!

6. I tried everything but it's still not working!
Don't cry!

5.1. In case you're using a CES service you'll always find a support thread for your service under point 3.2.X.

5.2. If you haven't found any solution yet, please open a new thread in the Host Plugin Reports forum.

Your JD Team
JD Supporter, Plugin Dev. & Community Manager
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