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Antiguo 11-Jul-2009, 11:40
jdownloader rocks
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Predeterminado [router] edimax br-6204 wlg

hi all,
i have the above router, but just couldn't get it to reconnect.

tried to choose the 'Edimax*BR-6204WG' script from the list, but it isn't working.
i'm really not into hard-core coding, so i have absolutly no idea what should i do next...

can you please help find / write the right script for me?
b.t.w. i use thomson tcm425 modem, and an adsl connection.

thanks a lot
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Antiguo 12-Jul-2009, 01:23
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Predeterminado I need help eith that router also...

I have the same Router and Modem but

i'm using cable connection.

please help
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Antiguo 12-Jul-2009, 15:59
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Predeterminado Please help

any other to reconnect with this router ?

Thanks in advance...
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Antiguo 13-Jul-2009, 18:32
jdownloader rocks
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Predeterminado please?

please, anyone?

thanks a lot!
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Antiguo 23-Jul-2009, 14:20
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this router does not seem to have a reconection option .
you can use a script recorder and reset router option under system I think .
I'm not sure it is a good idea bacouse reseting the router every couple of hours can damage the router.
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Antiguo 20-Sep-2009, 15:24
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I have the same Router and Modem and i'm using cable connection. please help me...
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Antiguo 19-Aug-2010, 11:19
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JD Fan
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I was able to get this script working, with an Edimax 6204wg and a DSL modem , reconnect takes about 1:40 minutes, it was created using
script recorder, then shortened and tested to get the minimum length.


        POST /goform/formReboot HTTP/1.1
        Host: %%%routerip%%%
        Authorization: Basic %%%basicauth%%%


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