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Default about hoster account list

-if I added 41+ account, jd cant show another accounts in list (only no problem in overview window)(screen res 1440x900).
-I cant view which hosters supported (41+,only for multihoster).
-please add scroolbar support(if 35+).
-can I set First comes first - Use the given order by default? (for new domains)
-enable sorting in Account Usage Rule for window(sort by username,expire date,download traffic left),autosorting,autodisable expired accounts.
-right click disable/enable account(s)/group(s) Account Usage Rule for&Account Usage Rules&overview
-please add groups/packages support in Account manager-overview
-more columns for Account Usage Rules window(SH:1,MH:2)(enabled/disabled>2/3)
-some bugs: Account manager-overview-sort by download traffic left is buggy(wrong sorting);alldebrid valid:90,in list:67;drag&drop manual resorting not possible in Account manager-overview window;Account Usage Rule for window always opening in fullscreen-always manual resize required;too many group folders(3to7) in Account Usage Rule for window(Single Hoster Accounts>1,Multi Hoster Accounts>1,Download without any Account (Free Mode)>1;;3+ is unnecessary for me.hard to move to one package or manual reordering);disabled account always coming enabled in Account Usage Rule for window(after I add new domain).

and too many thanks to JD-Team:thumbup::thumbup:
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1. Please post a log (supported hosters, scrollbar).
2. You can set the download order via the account usage rules.
3. Enable/disable multiple accounts or account usage rules ticket:

4. Why do you need groups in the account manager?
That makes no sense to me as groups are there to set the download order, not for anything else!
5. Why more columns in the account usage rules?
Makes no sense to me!
6. Account traffic left sort buggy - confirmed, ticket:

7. Note that many hosters have multiple domains for one host in their list (uploaded.net, uploaded.to, ul.to, ...), also, in the final list, you will only see the hosts which JD supports.
If a multihoster for example supports netflix.com but JD doesn't, it will not appear in the list of supported hosts!
EDIT anyways, for better understanding in the future:

8. What always opens in fullscreen? Can't reproduce!
9. Sorry, I don't understand the rest, please explain again!

GreeZ pspzockerscene

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That's true James
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