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Old 25.04.2014, 13:38
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Default Feature Request: CRC-Check for existing files


Sometimes, DLCs get updated by adding more links. If I already downlaoded (but not yet unpacked) all old links, and then add the new version of the DLC (contianing all old links plus some new ones) to JD2, I get a "File exists" error for all of the old links.
My idea is to perform a CRC-Check for the existing files and if OK, set the status to "CRC OK" instead of "File exists".

This way, you can easily check if the old links are really the same or if they have been changed and I need to download them again.

Thanks and Regards,
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Old 25.04.2014, 18:33
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raztoki @ jDownloader reporter/developer

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Old 10.06.2014, 17:12
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I have just checked the ticket in the bugtracker and noticed that further information is required.

My idea is to treat the existing files (almost) the same way as files that have just finished downloading.
As every link is associated with a hoster, the hoster is the source for the CRC sum. If the hoster does not provide CRC sums, well, then there is nothing that can be done about it.
I'm not sure what would be the best way to handle multiple links to different mirrors with the same file. Either check the CRC sum of all of them or try the hosters one after another until one hoster is found that provides the CRC sum. For grouping, the already existing code that recognizes same files (the one that marks a link as "already downloading by another hoster") can be re-used.

A sample link would not make sense for this ticket, because it would require a package that is constantly updated. But the packages are only updated for a few days or weeks until they are complete, and after that they are static.

But there is a simple way to test the CRC checking of existing files:
  • Add any package to JD
  • Download 1 or 2 parts, then stop JD
  • Move the files to a different directory (use a file manager)
  • Reset the links
  • Move the files back to their downlaod directory
  • Start JD again
And this way, you have existing files and can repeat the same test as often as needed, while needing to downlaod the parts only one initial time.

Just never reset the links without having moved the files to a different directory ...
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Old 13.06.2014, 11:03
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Jiaz has implemented it. Please wait for the next core update.
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Old 13.06.2014, 14:38
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Thanx a lot.
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