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Old 05.03.2018, 21:21
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Default do not require FFMPEG

When you add a link, sometimes it contains 1080p video.

When it is so, that video stream has only video, without sound.

However, jDownloader tries to download separately video and audio files and then mix it together using an external FFMPEG tool. If user refuses to download FFMPEG then jDownloader refuses to download the video.

However, sometimes

a) user does not require the sound stream, only
b) user does not want FFMPEG damaging video quality by lossy to lossy recoding, original quality of video stream is needed more than sound

In this case a user wants to

a) deny jDownloader to download/install/use FFMPEG
b) download video stream alone, without audio stream (audio might be downloaded by separate job if truly needed)
c) do not post-process video, re-mix or anything

However, jDownloader does not give user this most simple of options.

jDownloader wants user to either download FFMPEG and remix the video, or it forcefully skips the download.

I ask for "download only video, as is, without FFMPEG, without postprocessing" option be added.

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Old 05.03.2018, 23:28
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response to second abc
a) JD does give the user ability not to use ffmpeg, fyi: it does have fallout.
settings > advanced settings > externmultimediatoolusageenabled
though disabling this will mean no dash or hls downloads at all, which means limited itag (way of identifying the different formats) reduce availablity. You will get single volume download (video & audio) file from youtube.

b) believe the current implementation prohibits that from taking place. the task for downloading the audio and video is tied together and I do not see the uncoupling. Either download is a video or audio download, but made in a way so its end user friendly. re: c.

c) post download task is required in order to make the volume playable for end users.

re: 'lossy to lossy recording'
my understanding is, you do not loose quality it merges the two dash components. It does not re-encode, it just makes two volumes one. re: c.
raztoki @ jDownloader reporter/developer

Don't fight the system, use it to your advantage. :]

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Old 06.03.2018, 08:26
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Audio/Video streams are muxed into one container. No transcoding happening at all. No quality loss at all. Still the same original streams just in one container instead of seperate streams.
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